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Mayıs 14, 2010

And this week’s links about community creation, importance of new like button ecosystem of facebook for NGOs and new opportunities for MFIs.

New on SSIR: How Our Tools Define “Community”: Amy Sample Ward’un Stanford Social Innovation Review’de yayınlanan son yazısı topluluk yaratmak için kullanılan araçlkardan bahsediyor ve topluluk yaratıcıları için yararlı olabilecek bir kaç öneride bulunuyor.

Why I Like the Like Button: Spreading Nonprofit Messages good analysis from Debra Askanase about the new changes in Facebook about like buttons. Open Graph, facebook insights, network weaving etc.

Getting BoP Products in Consumers’ Hands—MFIs and Micro-dealers Can Help Great article about the role the MFI’s can take in the distribution of products to the consumers in BOP. Anyone with experience working with the BoP knows this: the poor are hard to reach. Living in isolated settlements on the outskirts of cities or in far-flung rural villages, it is no easy chore to reach a BoP member – physically or in marketing – to sell a product. How, then, can we get cutting-edge products and innovations in the hands of those that need them the most?  The key is to foster a deep connection and relationship with a large network of BoP consumers, with the help of MFIs, micro-dealers, and other means. MFIs can provide valuable pathways to penetrate the depths of the BoP, especially because of BoP consumers’ predilections for credit, but it is important to protect the processes that support the original product, the micro-loan.

Stretching the Fabric of MFI Networks a study from Monitor group which includes case studies, viable models and recommendations for MFIs and P/S providers for BOP.


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