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Mart 4, 2010

Bu haftaki linkler sosyal değer yaratmak için kullanılan mobil teknolojiler ile ilgili. Bildiğiniz gibi delicious ve twitter hesabımdan sosyal değişim ve sosyal teknolojiler hakkındaki linklere ulaşabilirsiniz.

THOMSON REUTERS EXPANDS ITS MOBILE INFORMATION SERVICE FOR FARMERS IN INDIA TO THE PUNJAB STATE: “India’s farming community is one of the largest in the world but yet it remains a relatively opaque market. RML provides crucial customised agricultural information to help farmers maximise their productivity and increase their returns. This innovative service plays to the heart of Thomson Reuters strengths of providing accurate, timely and unbiased information.”

Betavine is a Vodafone Group R&D initiative where provide a platform for developers to share knowledge and ideas and also promote the creation of mobile solutions for the developing world: Betavine’s mission is to provide an open, community-oriented space that encourages creativity and innovation in mobile development. It does this in two ways. The Developer Area offers resources, competitions, app publishing facilities and more to support developers in creating the best apps they can. Betavine Social Exchange invites developers and NGOs to work together to make mobile solutions that help people in the developing world.

M-PESA is a Safaricom service allowing you to transfer money using a mobile phone: Kenya is the first country in the world to use this service, which is offered in partnership between Safaricom and Vodafone. M-PESA is available to all Safaricom subscribers (Prepay and Postpay), even if you do not have a bank account. Registration is FREE and available at any M-PESA Agent countrywide. The M-PESA application is installed on your SIM card and works on all makes of handsets.

Development Fund ~ GSM World.Working with mobile operators to accelerate mobile solutions for people living on under US$2 per day: The GSMA Development Fund exists to accelerate economic, social and environmental development through the use of mobile technology. We believe that providing tangible, accessible mobile services to people in developing countries is invaluable to society and can help improve people’s lives.

Inspiring South Africans for Good: HEARTLINES forgood is a social movement that uses cell phone text messages and the internet to inspire, guide and connect people to take action to make South Africa safer, healthier, greener, more compassionate. It is a membership-based movement for people of different faiths and philosophies, with the understanding that there are shared values which motivate people to take action for good. forgood works by connecting members – through ideas, information and with each other – so collectively their actions can make a difference.


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